Noble Beast’s Steampunk Holmes took home the award for Best App - Adult Fiction at the Digital Book World awards ceremony!


Steampunk Phantom of the Opera Mask!

The rise of steampunk heroines

"A key part of the steampunk movement is strong female characters or heroines…Masters of the steampunk movement prioritise strength, ingenuity, bravery and resourcefulness in their female characters."

BBC Sherlock Season 3 Prequel: Many Happy Returns

Fiction Bundle Lets You Choose Your Own Price For eBook Collection

"The current bundle includes seven works of DRM-free science fiction and fantasy titles from authors including: Frank Herbert, David Farland, T.A. Pratt, Brad R. Torgersen, Dean Wesley Smith, Tim Pratt, Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason."

Read a little more about it:

Then check out the titles:

Great Lost Manuscripts of Science Fiction and Fantasy

"Some of the greatest authors of science fiction and fantasy have put words on paper — only to see those words lost or destroyed. Before there were computers, manuscripts got burned or lost in the mail all the time. Here are the famous authors whose books were lost, destroyed, misplaced or erased."

Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who Daleks hitting tv screens.

As a musician, music is a huge part of my life, but also a very eclectic part, as GeekGirlAllie can attest to from riding in the car with me.  Here are some of my favorite pics for Holiday listening pleasure!

Steampunk Star Wars Jawa Character Art

Art by BjornHurri